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Calling all 40+ Single, Gorgeous, Kind Guys Who Are Interested in Achieving a Greater Level of Success – Sexually and Beyond – with Your Ideal Woman

I love kind guys. I don’t care what the current massive craze is about the “alpha male”, I will tell you, as an attractive, smart, educated, sexually desiring woman:

the BEST GUYS IN THE WORLD are the gentle, funny, smart, sweet guys.

The ones who care about women as people, as their potential best friends and sensual lovers. The guys who actually want to know a woman beyond her breast size and whether she’s got a Brazilian wax.

And any woman worth her salt will tell you the same thing.

So why in the name of all that is sexy, are you great guys GETTING NOWHERE?


 I’ll tell you.

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Heather May

Heather May

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So who am I and what do I know about anything? My name is Heather, and I am a certified and ICF accredited professional dating and relationship consultant and coach, exclusively for warmhearted, non-aggressive men over 40, who struggle with engaging the right kind of women in successful romantic relationships. For twenty years I have passionately researched, analyzed and tested many different relationship techniques, eventually specializing in the dynamic between today's strong, independent women and the modest energy men who are naturally and irrepressibly magnetized to them. I have worked with countless unconventionally spirited men and women to become crystal clear on what they want, accept who they really are, capitalize on the complementary strengths they bring to this extraordinary match, learn to communicate with each other in ways that magnetize instead of repel, and vastly improve the quality of their love lives. And, have a whole lot more sex. ;)

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